2018 – Results

2018 East Devon Chess Congress – Main prizewinners

Note: Full results (from all three sections of the Congress) are available at the following page: results.utuswiss.co.uk

1st IM Jack Rudd [4.5 out of 5]
2nd Dominic Mackle [4 out of 5]
3rd= (11-way tie) Russell Granat, FM Mike Waddington, Jeremy Fallowfield, Oscar Garcia, Philip Tozer, Steve Dilleigh, John Stephens, Graham Bolt, Michael Duggan, Paul Helbig, Paul Hampton [3.5 out of 5]

1st David Archer [5 out of 5]
2nd= (3-way tie) Mark Potter, Matt Best, Colin Sellwood [4 out of 5]

1st= (6-way tie) Roy Greenhalgh, Graham Hillman, Gary Loyden, James Wallman, Chris P Smith, Peter Strong [4 out of 5]

A complete list of all prizewinners will be released in due course.

Photos of the section wallcharts at the end of the tournament also appear at the bottom of this page (click on an image to enlarge)


Games from the Congress

Please click the links below to view the scoresheets from all games in the Open section. The scoresheets from the Major and Minor will follow shortly.

Open – Round 1

Open – Round 2

Open – Round 3

Open – Round 4

Open – Round 5


Photos of final wallcharts