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The table below shows all 2018 Congress entries received so far. (This does not necessarily mean that the appropriate entry fee has been received or processed – please email the Entry Secretary if you have any queries regarding payment.)

Notes: (1) The grades appearing in the table below are based on the August 2017 ECF grading list. However, seedings and section eligibility will be determined by the grades that are published in the January 2018 ECF grading list. (2) If you have requested a bye in a particular round, this will be indicated alongside your name.

Entries received

Last modified on 21 January 2018

49 entries received so far: 15 in the Open, 13 in the Major, and 21 in the Minor.

[IM] Jack Rudd (215)
[FM] Walter Braun (203)
Graham Bolt (196)
Mike Waddington (191)
Steve Dilleigh (188)
David Littlejohns (178)
Chris Lowe (176) – Bye in Rd 1
Roger De Coverly (176)
Peter W Anderson (174)
Paul Hampton (172)
John Bass (171)
Nic Fallowfield (169) – Bye in Rd 4
William Ingham (163) – Bye in Rd 1
James Williams (est 160)
Andrew Waters (158)

U-155 MAJOR (U-1863 FIDE)
Martin Charles Page (152)
Charles Keen (149)
Peter Childs (149)
Ivor Annetts (144) – Bye in Rd 1
James Fewkes (141)
Chris Levy (140)
Christopher Southall (est 135)
Deepak Sachdeva (est 130)
Eddy Palmer (129)
Mauro Farina (128)
William Marjoram (128)
David Culliford (127) – Bye in Rd 3
Douglas Gardner (UG) – SECTION TBC

U-125 MINOR (U-1638 FIDE)
Amanda Jones (121)
James Galloway (121) – Bye in Rd 1
Gary Loyden (117)
Graham Hillman (116)
Michael Pope (113)
John Dean (112) – Bye in Rd 1
Peter Saunders (106)
James Wallman (105)
Kevin Huntley (98) – Bye in Rd 1
Ken Ashby (97)
Shaun Walsh (94) – Bye in Rd 1
Ted Tapper (94)
Graham Jones (91)
John William Carr (91)
Hazel Welch (90)
Paul Munro (85)
Elmira Walker (78)
John Belli (76)
Wendy Carr (34)
Raghav Sachdeva (UG) – SECTION TBC
Robin Sachdeva (UG) – SECTION TBC

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As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (at the email address given on the tournament leaflet) if anything isn’t clear, or you encounter an issue with the online form!

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