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The table below shows all of the 2023 Congress entries received so far. (This does not necessarily mean that the appropriate entry fee has been received or processed yet – please email the Entry Secretary if you have any queries.)

Notes: (1) The ratings indicated below are taken from the March 2023 ECF rating list, which will be used to determine section eligibility and seedings (as noted in the rules); (2) If you have requested a bye in a particular round, this will be indicated alongside your name.

List of participants

Last modified on 28 March 2023

81 entries received so far: 20 in the Open, 29 in the Major, and 32 in the Minor.

Jack Rudd (2388)
Derek Pugh (2130)
Steve Dilleigh (2083)
Tim Paulden (2073)
Stephen Homer (2045)
Graham Bolt (2027)
Robert Stern (2026)
Alan Brusey (2011) – Bye in Rd 1
David Littlejohns (1985)
Chris Lowe (1979)
Tim Hilton (1974)
William Adaway (1967) – Bye in Rd 3
John Bass (1959)
Andy Hill (1945)
Rami Talab (est 1924) – Bye in Rd 1
Ian George (1913)
Adam Woodruff (1902)
Jamie Morgan (1855)
Philip Maul (1791)
Paul Humphreys (1778)

U-1900 MAJOR
Andrew Waters (1898)
Bill Ingham (1895) – Bye in Rd 1
Paul Doherty (1853)
Charles Howard (1845)
Hugh Fenwick (1839)
Frederick Coleman (1837)
Luke Honey (1833)
Megan O’Brien (est 1833)
John Nyman (1817)
Ronnie Burton (1811)
George Lekoudis (1786) – Bye in Rd 1
David Jenkins (1783)
Chris Strong (1781)
Michelle Chan (1757)
Richard Wright (1754)
Gerard ‘t Hart (1750)
Percy Gill (1742) – Bye in Rd 1
Brendan O’Gorman (1727)
Niall Homer (1727)
Christopher Southall (1703)
Frederick Sugden (1696)
John Torrance (1675)
Stephen Williams (1668)
Robert Wilby (1667)
Dave Turner (1663)
Robert Oughton (1661)
Brooklyn Stephens (1650)
Tony Hart (est 1650)
Luc Gordon (1537) – Bye in Rd 1

U-1650 MINOR
Joe Dornan (1647)
Michael Dow (1588) – Bye in Rd 1
Paul Foster (1570)
James Galloway (1568)
Trevor Hurt (1564)
Solomon Hayes (1563)
Grant Daly (1562)
John Constable (1560)
Richard Smith (1549) – Bye in Rd 1
Robin Morris-Weston (est 1540)
Andrei Zhirnov (1536)
Geoffrey Banks (1528) – Bye in Rd 1
Tony Lopez (1524)
Suhayl Abdalla (1475)
Michael Pope (1460)
Ian Leslie (1456)
Florence Spirling (1438)
Christine Constable (1437)
Nathaniel Butcher (1436) – Bye in Rd 1
Barry Lippard (1408)
Andrew Skirrow (1391)
David Edwards (1378) – Bye in Rd 1
Robert Kelso (1340) – Bye in Rd 1
James Wallman (1330)
Shaun Walsh (1328)
Luke Garner (1308)
Gillian Morgan (1288)
Hazel Welch (1264)
Adam Curry (UG) – SECTION TBC
Daniel Raabe Branch (UG) – SECTION TBC
Joshua Birch (UG) – SECTION TBC
Sebastian Johns (UG) – SECTION TBC

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