Referral scheme


We’ve once again boosted the rewards in our special ‘referral’ scheme that allows you to earn money by attracting new entrants to the Congress. This year, we’ll pay you a reward of £7 for each new entrant you introduce to the 2023 Congress, provided that they enter the Congress online and identify you as their ‘referrer’ when they enter. You may ‘refer’ as many new entrants as you want, and will receive £7 for each one – potentially earning back your entire Congress entry fee, or more!


A ‘new entrant’ is a player who has not entered any of the last three East Devon Congresses (February 2018, March 2019, March 2020). Before you can make a referral, you must have registered your own entry to the 2023 Congress and received your unique entry number. You will then earn £7 for every new entrant who registers online for the 2023 Congress and identifies you as their ‘referrer’ (by typing your name & entry number into the ‘Referral’ box of the form) – provided that they pay the requisite Congress entry fee, and go on to participate in the Congress. In the event of any dispute, the Entry Secretary’s decision will be final. Referral payments will be made in person during the weekend of the 2023 Congress. These conditions are subject to alteration – an up-to-date version will be maintained on this webpage.

[Version 1 – Published on 24 January 2023]